An important 5 medal Africa Star group awarded to QX5406 Gunner George Elliott who whilst serving with the 2 Anti Tank Regiment was Killed In Action on the 13 June 1941 During the Syria campaign. He died during in an action against French tanks where a Military Medal (MM) was awarded to Elliott,s Sergeant for bravery.  This group comes with extensive research which includes an original letter sent by the officer commanding his gun crew to the Red Cross explaining the circumstances to Elliott's death it reads;

    QX 5406 - ELLIOTT G.H. was a member of one of my gun crews. He was killed in action against enemy tanks just south of Sidon. The crew put up an excellent show and fought to the finish, Elliot being killed and his Sergeant badly wounded. Elliot  was killed instantly, being hit by three pieces of shrapnel.

    I went out later in the day to try and bury him and to retreive the gun which had been out of action but enemy fire forced me to leave Elliott unburied. I saw a padre that night and he promised to have him buried the next day, but I was myself evacuated to hospital that day and do not know just when the burial was carried out.

    On rejoining my unit I visited Elliott,s grave which is situated on the scene of his last fight.

    I wrote to his family but apparently the letter has been lost, so I am going to write again.

    Hoping this gives you all the details you require.

    Yours truly,

    G.A.C. Dean

    Lieut. RAA.

    The group comes with images of Elliott and research. All medals including stars correctly impressed.